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They say timing is everything…


I can’t believe I just settled the biggest case of my career only for my creep of a boss to fire me immediately after. He told me to leave town, that I’d never work again if I didn’t give in to his unwanted advances, but little does he know, he doesn’t control everybody in this city. What will he do when he finds out that instead of running away, I end up getting a job at the law firm run by Trevor Keen, the hot new lawyer in town? I know I only just met him, and he’s much older than me, but the instant attraction between us is undeniable. 

Does he feel it, too? 

Or is he playing mind games with me like all the other men I’ve met in this city?



I knew starting my own law firm would be difficult, but I never expected it to get this complicated. From the second I first saw Abigail Rayner, I knew life would never be the same, and that I would do everything I could to make this younger woman mine. But when I find out that Abigail’s awful ex-boss is connected to painful memories from my past, will my need for vengeance lead me to do something that ruins our budding relationship?

I’ve neglected everything but work over the years, and Abigail is my chance to start fresh and do it right.

But when there are no more secrets left between us, what will the final verdict be?

Only time will tell…

Mind Games is the first book in the short and satisfying romance series (with a guaranteed HEA in each installment), Laws of the Heart.

Praise for Mind Games

“It was a quick fun read and while very short the author still manages to convey the passion, feelings and emotion. Loved the book.”

Goodreads reviewer